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MaxiNutrition Promax Extreme Review

MaxiNutrition Promax Extreme ReviewMaximuscle-promaxextreme


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  • Rich in ingredients for lean muscle mass
  • Mixes really well
  • Lots of great flavors
  • Can be a little expensive
  • Only tastes good with milk
  • One tub only lasts 10 days

My Review

I used Maximuscle Promax Extreme for3 weeks during a cutting phase leading up to Christmas. I had it every morning with breakfast and post-workout meaning that I was having 11 servings per week.

At the end of the cutting phase, the results were astonishing, my body fat percentage dropped by 2.7%, arms increased by 1.4%, chest decreased by 4%, waist dropped by 3%, thighs increased by 1% and calves increased by 1.4% too staying in proportion with the arms. My weight dropped by 6kg as well which is a drop of 7.1%

There has been a mixed change in these results indicating a positive change to my body as a whole, showing a more visibly leaner body.

Taking a closer look at the ingredients, it has all the usual ones, but for me, I feel that the presence of the ingredients below give it an edge.

Creatine monohydrate
Chromium picolinate

Acknowledging the fact that they exist within the serving though, a lot of research suggests that Beta-ecdysterone, taurine and chrysin would have a bigger impact on muscle growth if they are administered in a larger dose.

I found that my recovery time both on the rugby pitch and the weights room was dramatically short. I was feeling fresh and raring to go by the following morning.

My only real concern is that for it to taste great, it has to be mixed with milk, which in itself increases the amount of protein being taken! However, that's not to say it doesn't taste good when mixed with water.

Overall, despite being expensive in comparison to most other whey proteins, one has to remember that this isn't a bog standard protein, but a blend for lean mass and definition .It's worth every penny spent on it

Serving Info

Serving Info

Per 90g (daily serving - 3 scoops)
Energy 357Kcal/1493 kJ
Protein (on dry matter) 72g*
Carbohydrates 4.95g
Fats 4.05g
*Equivalent of 76g measured on dry matter



Per 90g (daily serving - 3 scoops)
Glutamine Peptides 5g
Methoxyflavone 300mg
Creatine monohydrate 5g
Taurine 100mg
Chrysin 100mg
Beta-ecdysterone(97%) 40mg
Chromium picolinate 200g

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