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AllMax Nutrition IsoFlex Review – Follow up

AllMax Nutrition IsoFlex Review

Allmax Nutrition Isoflex

This is a follow up review of the sample initially previewed over here earlier in the year.


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  • Extremely high protein content
  • Authentic flavour with real fruit pieces
  • Very effective for cutting

My Review

I used the 907g for nearly 3 weeks exclusively as a post-workout supplement during a cutting phase. My serving size was made up of two scoops which meant I was getting 54g of protein. During this time I was able to bring down my body fat percentage by roughly 1.5% whilst maintaining my body weight. This was achieved through the use of AllMax Nutrition’s IsoFlex in combination with dietary changes and the use of a couple of other supplements which will be reviewed soon.

In terms of taste, I used the strawberry flavour which was absolutely delicious. What I really liked about it and is a totally original idea is the use of real strawberry pieces within the powder adding that extra authentic taste to the product. Two scoops would seamlessly mix with 300ml of water to give a creamy consistency; similar to that of a slightly weakened milkshake.

So overall, AllMax Nutrition’s IsoFlex is a very effective whey protein to use during cutting if you’re looking for a whey isolate. It’s reasonably priced for a whey isolate, very effective and extremely delicious.

Serving Info

Serving Info

Serving Size: (1 Scoop) 30g
Servings Per Container:75
Amount Per Serving Daily Value *
Total Fat0 g0%
Saturated Fat0 g0%
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sodium65 mg3%
Potassium220 mg6%
Total Carbohydrate1 g0%
Dietary Fiber0 g0%
Sugars0 g
Protein27 g54%
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%



WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE COMPLEX [ISOFLEX PROTEIN BLEND (100% Instantized Ultra-Pure, Cross-Flow Microfiltered WPI90 90% Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Wpi97 97% Whey Protein Isolate, Alpha-Lactolbumin-RIch Whey Peptides), Nos-Complex™ (L-Arginine, Taurine), Glutamine Complex (L-Glutamine), IS COMPLEX (Alpha Lipoic Acid, D-Pinitol, 4-Hydroxyisoleucine].

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