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Supplement Ingredient Guide: PeptoPro




What is it?

In short, PeptoPro is hydrolysed casein protein, designed to deliver amino acids to your muscles as quickly as possible.


It is indicated for those looking to gain mass.


How much should I take?

One should take 10-20g per shake. It can be taken both during and post-workout to ensure maximal delivery of amino acids.



The evidence for PeptoPro is provided by trails funded by the company itself. It was used on human subjects, supplementing using varied quantities and followed up for a multitude of durations. It has been shown to promote muscle growth and speed up recovery periods. This is achieved through boosting the process of protein synthesis and triggering muscular growth phase both during and after training.


PeptoPro also significantly increases glycogen levels, resulting in a better utilisation of glucose and amino acids by the cells


Side effects

None reported.




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